Something new

This will be a place for me to share new demos, live dates and pictures with you. I also want you to be able to give me feedback or maybe even contribute to projects.


March demo

This months demo is a different kind of song for me, because it started out as an instrumental song that I added lyrics to later. It has been really comforting to me and feels like the beginning of something new. Hope you like it :) 

"the overgrown path" (demo)

Current projects

Right now I'm working on making music for two movies, which is quite daunting but also very exciting, 'cause it's something I see myself doing more of in the future. The album is currently being mixed and there might be some rough mixes coming your way next month! I also was on a short trip to Prague this week (not music related) and that was quite the adventure filled with overpriced food, beautiful architecture and weirdly rude people ;) 



Where to begin

April was one of the most intense months I've had in a while. I was planning my first showcase concert at ACUD and was very stressed out about getting people to come and planning the show. I had no idea how the audience would react to the album and all over sound.



Easter weekend was the calm before the storm and I felt a lot better after spending some time outside of the city. Since I've had a panic disorder in the past I know how important it is to prioritise your mental health and this break was much needed.


The big day

The night of the concert couldn't have gone better. We sold out, Poppy was a beautiful support, our show went as planned and I've never had more fun during a concert. Everyone who came was so nice and I was beyond grateful for the love and time they gave us.